Build EAA workbenches

Build EAA workbenches

I spent the weekend organizing the garage and building the EAA work benches to spec. I followed the instructions exactly except that I added a 1/2” MDF to the top to create a smooth and easily replaceable surface. I might also add the ability to level these a little better since my garage floor is not very flat.

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Pre-empennage preparation checklist

Looking at the project at this point is a little daunting, so I’m hoping that beginning with a to-do list will help give me a place to start. My goal is to complete these items before I order an empennage kit.

  1. Attend EAA AirVenture 2018 for inspiration — DONE

  2. Visit Vans to finalize kit (90% RV-7)

  3. Take Builder Fundamentals class from Synergy in Eugene, OR

  4. Reorganize outside shed for more efficient storage (including removing tabletop)

  5. Reorganize garage layout (shelves, tool box, fix wall paint)

  6. Identify and buy 20-30 gallon air compressor

  7. Locate compressor and plumb air lines using RapidAir and Cleveland lightweight hose kit

  8. Isham tool kit from Plane Tools

  9. Build 2x EAA workbenches

  10. Finish Vans practice kits (tool box and wing section)

Here’s some more inspiration:

Ran across this very nice Extra 330 LT for sale on Barnstormers.

Ran across this very nice Extra 330 LT for sale on Barnstormers.