Aft fuselage preparation: 10-11 to 10-12

Aft fuselage preparation: 10-11 to 10-12

The metal prep-work continues on the first half of the aft-fuselage. In this section, I finish the aft-bulkhead battery angles, bellcrank ribs, and F-01407 and F-01408 bulkheads in preparation for priming

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Elevator assembly 09-24: trim motor and piano hinge

While waiting for the proseal to cure, I skipped ahead to finish the final bits and pieces. I used the time to counter sink and rivet the trim motor to the cover plate via the support channels. I also dimpled the coverplate for #27.

In this section, Van’s gives you some simple wiring procedures to do to connect the trim motor wiring harness. This was my first experience with micro-molex connectors, so I spent some time researching and purchased a few tools from Stein Air. Stein has some nice videos on crimping techniques on their website. I’d highly recommend the “Ideal Stripmaster” automatic wire stripping tool. It made quick and precise work of the 27 guage Tefzel coated wires.

I used the vice to bend the piano hinge at right angles and install the safety wire.