Riveting bulkheads (10-10 to 10-13)

Now that I have the first batch parts primed, it’s time to start assembling. First, the most aft bulkheads, F-01412, F-01411, and F-01410 are riveted with the doublers and horizontal stab attach bars. This was a fairly straight forward process with the longeron yoke and pneumatic squeezer.

After the first bulkheads there are a few rivets needed in the larger F-01407 and -08 bulkheads.

Next step is to rivet the nutplates to the battery angles. There are two types that are used for different screws: K-1000-3 and K-1000-08. I used a hand-squeezer for better control of the process on the nutplates.

Next, several nutplates are riveted to the F-01406B bulkhead. The K1000-08D nutplates are pre-dimpled, so attaching these is straight forward. The right angle nutplates (MS21055L08) do require dimpling so I used the reduced diameter female die as many others have noted in their journals.