More metal prep (10-11 to 10-12)

And, the prep-work continues with the larger bulk-heads. There is a system hole that is enlarged then trimmed out, then the flanges are dimpled to #40 and then the deburring commences. These bulk heads took a while to deburr since there a lot of fingers and small areas to access with the files. Not many pictures of this effort, since it’s rather mundane, but my basic workflow was to dimple, then use a combination of small files, emory cloth, and a 1” scotch-brite wheel to deburr. After everything is done, then I run over the entire surface with a scotch-brite pad.

Since I’m priming, I skipped ahead to try and aggregate a bunch of parts. Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of deburring, so I’m going to stop and prime a batch of parts here so I can go back and start riveting some of the components together. Then, I’ll go back prep the remaining parts and prime them when ready.