Elevator assembly 09-23: trailing edge riveting


This has been a busy week at work and on personal fronts. Several evening events during the week and a trip to the mountains took most of my time for the last week, so didn’t get as many sustained hours that I crave.

I am getting really close to finishing the elevators and just need several good work sessions to close everything out. After putting in this much effort, I’m trying to be mindful of not rushing and making a mistake that would cause me eff everything up.

The next step is to tackle the ever-stressful trailing edge. Aside from more rivets, the elevators were easier than the rudder since the trailing edge wedge is beefier and seems to hold straight easier.

I followed the Van’s recommended instructions in all steps except the final rivet setting. In this part, I used the Cleaveland trailing edge wedge squeezer dies. I decided to use the back rivet set to partially set the rivet since I feel that I have more control in getting the rivet shop-head straight compared to the squeezer. The only challenge was in setting up the elevator so that the trailing edge wedge was properly angled relative to the back-rivet plate.

Left trailing edge

Right trailing edge (rinse-lather-repeat)

I used the same process on the right side

Once trailing edge is done, then you finish the root-rib rivets. I was able to set solid rivets up to the last set of holes on the trailing edge. Per the instructions I set the MK-319s here after final drilling with a #33.