Elevator prep continues 09-09 to 09-12

The prep on the elevators continues as there are more parts to trim and countersink.

The piano hings is clecoed to the rear spar and then the spar is countersunk. As others have noted, the spar thickness (0.032”) is right at the limit of what should be countersunk vs dimpled. Clecoing the piano hinge provides some support and receives some of the countersink. Van’s instructions point out that many yokes will not fit inside the spar channel for dimpling. I found that my 3” yoke fit fine. Although, you need to feather the ram carefully to set in the hole and die since you the channel is biased toward the female side.

More fabrication of small parts for the trim tab motor. I separated, deburred and countersunk the push rod. I opted to use a manual contersink tool since the parts were so small and difficult to hold.


I wanted to take advantage of a sunny and warm Sunday to knock out a lot of the priming so I skipped ahead a little to finish countersinking the front spar of the elevator trim tab. I’ve organized all the metal parts and I’m understanding why it took me so long to get here. Everything is final-drilled, dimpled, and deburred, and ready to be cleaned and primed.

My workflow is to clean the metal parts, then use EkoEtch and an ultrafine scotch bite pad to etch the metal surface. I rinse the EkoEtch and wipe down with a dry cloth. If see residue, then I do an extra wipe with alcohol.