Horizontal stabilizer assembly #1

Before I could start assembling the stabilizer, I had to dimple the skins which took several hours. I was able to use the DRDT-2 for all of the dimples although several setups were necessary to access all the holes.

Before I started riveting, I decided it would be good to mock up the entire assembly to make sure everything was fitting properly and I didn’t make any obvious goofs. I’m glad I did this because I found a few extra rivets that I had added which were meant for the connection of the nose rib to the front spar. It was a lot easier to remove these now then after I began riveting.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how well all these parts fit together. Many have said it before me, but the precision and ease of fit of these flexible sheet metal parts is very remarkable. Once I aligned with a few clecos most of the holes line up with very little coaxing. I did spend some time working on the nose rib flanges to make sure that they were as flush as possible to the surface.