Dimpling and countersinking of skins and skeleton

Tonight, I finished dimpling the R-00901-L and R skins. I used the DRDT-2 for all the holes on the interior of the skin and the squeezer on the holes along the edge. In both cases, it’s very easy to get a nice dimple on the relatively thin 0.016” skins. I went slow and tried hard to not get complacent and punch an extra hole in the skin.

After finally finishing all of the dimpling, I spent some time setting the Cleavland countersink wedge tool and the countersink cage to machine countersink the R-00916-1 trailing edge wedge. The wedge is located between the skins at the trailing edge. It helps form a uniform and straight trailing edge where the two skins meet. The matched holes are countersunk to receive the dimples of the skins.

It’s a delicate part and can be easily over drilled or bent so I decided it would be better to wait to drill after a good night’s sleep.

Finally! Finished section 07-07, now onto final assembly and riveting.